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‘Lost’ animated gif 240/320 is part of a concept digital visual language ‘Phonebrainz’ commissioned by ‘Orange’ mobile network 2005. http://phonebrainz.offkey.tv


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Ollie Sylvester, an artist of north-west London origin, born in 1972. Initially inspired by Lego and then Marvel comics, he soon realized that his passion lay in expressing himself through art. Diagnosed with mild dyslexia in his early teens, Sylvester found himself at the back of his academic classes doodling in his school-books with a bic-biro. By the mid-eighties, Sylvester was involved in London hip-hop culture. Armed with sketchbooks loaded with anti-heroes and paranoid robot illustrations, he transferred his offkey characters onto walls, acquiring a reputation as a figurative artist in the underground world of graffiti, Saker-TKS-MGM-DDS-PFB. In 1988 he was introduced to the ‘acid house’ scene, which came to play an important roll in the inspiration behind his paintings. At this time Sylvester traded spray-cans, the underground and walls for acrylics on canvas. In 1994 Sylvester had an accident in which he almost severed his right arm, leaving him no choice but to teach him-self to paint with his left hand, which is when his straight lined cross-hatch style started to evolve. 1995 started working for a multi-media company, where he became proficient with a number of graphic design and animation computer programs, designing cd-rom presentations, program interfaces, web-sites and logo animations for clients such as IBM, Eurostar, KPMG, Techtronix… 8 years later  he went freelance which allowed more time to concentrate on his own art projects. At this time, with skills acquired whilst working in the digital multi-media studio, me and a friend started Offkey Ltd, a company that created ‘Phonebrainz’ http://www.phonebrainz.offkey.tv/ a digital language for mobile phones using animated *.gifs  and had interest from various major mobile phone service providers, Vodafone etc and was briefly backed by Orange. Never drifting too far away from his conventional urban style art on canvas and now digital art prevalent as well… General contemporary art overview: Artworks are hypothetical faces inspired from mood and emotion, set and setting. While his older works have darker, more constructed feel to them, his recent pieces take on a happier more chaotic design. Ollie, is a true artist, he is always finding new techniques and inspiration, but still holding on to his definite style. For example, he has splashed his works with Guinness, the dark drips causing rustic effects and adding to the overall dark beauty of his works. Sylvester draws subject matter from the more dubious side of rave, the darker side of urban life, Pub culture, London, hang-overs and come-downs.