Elon Musk saves PewDiePie from T-series, Leonardo Vincent

Featured on PewDiePie’s channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhSImgCPYfs This artwork represents a moment in internet history still ongoing this is the only Crypto collectable version of this artwork that will ever be produced its totally unique. There are physical prints of this artwork available but this is the only blockchain enforced one in existence, don’t miss out on the chance to own this highly collectable artwork form Leonardo Vincent.

This artwork is Tokenized Follow the link to see it: https://opensea.io/assets/0x677d8fe828fd7143ff3cee5883b7fc81e7c2de60/82



Unique Digital Artwork

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Leonardo’s work is an idle to pop culture his work clearly displays his skill in the creation of digital art. The work is often a transformation of a piece of pop culture such as the work featured of samurai jack. This work epic in creation is clearly Vincents recreation of an important character in his life time.

Other works by Vincent include representations of Indonesian icons and mythical creatures and in a way a homage to historic pop culture. While the recreation of the Barong could be said to be a nod to historic pop culture the work below pewdiepie is one to modern, this work was featured on PewdiePie’s channel. Whatever can be said of pewdiepie doesn’t matter the moment captured and recreated in this artwork a vital moment in the history of the internet. This is what art is all about capturing the zeitgeist of the time but in a conceptual manner.

Leonardo’s work also raises some interesting points about what constitutes fan art and where the lines of copyright end. Andy Warhol famously painted soup cans but what is more interesting is his recreations of superman which are identical to superman by DC. Where is the line? To be considered to be a new work the artwork must be highly trans-formative. So, the thinking goes like this, if you create an image of superman in the style of superman then you have stolen. But change it to a different style and put your own meaning and it is trans-formative at least as far as art is concerned. Is art or fan art, well depends what label you put on it and how much of your IP is in the art.