What is the BAE & How to get started

The BAE is a platform for the primary sale of digital tokenized art, or as it is now known Cryptoart.

To buy Crypto art you will need to have the metamask plugin or trust wallet app installed. You can pay in Paypal but to hold your art collection you will need one of the above mentioned apps. To join the BAE as an artist you need nothing other than digital art files and a paypal.

New Art

Featured collection

Graham Fudger producing as broken_fiat

I’m a mixed media artist working in 3D sculpture and digital spheres. I love the decentralised nature of crypto and the currencies related to it, and have a preference for ETH over Bitcoin on account of the Proof of Stake ethos that underpins it. Have been to a few ETH London meets – I like the community and find it stimulating to have a foot in the NFT and Computer Art camps of the UK’s technology scene. I follow a lot of contemporary artists like Tommy Fiendish, Yohei Watanabe, Urbanoxygen, VESA and GraceLand London, and Tom Badley’s work with the Deplorables stands out as an excellent fine-art approach to the genre.

My own explorations stem from a growing fascination with the human experience in a shifting technological world. Semiotic tension through the dialectical juxtaposition of that which is already known is a frequent and recurring theme in my work, locating the competing strands and narratives that form and fragment our perceived notions of a collective human identity. Recent shows include being part of the elsewhere exhibit at Dev Con V in Osaka in October and hosting Undercurrent at NN Contemporary Art in January 2019.