Artlaws and Gatekeepers in the Land of Decentralization

21st installment of Norman Harman x Robness Cyberpop’s ‘Last Confirmation’ series. A tech-surreal observation of the cryptocurrency world at large via past, present and future.


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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This piece deals with a realization from Robness’ own personal experience of being jettisoned from a different emerging crypto gallery that although decentralized technology gives us many gifts and tools for artists to distribute their work across the globe, and with the power of a new technological provenance, their are still many who will pretend to honor the original Bitcoin principles of true decentralization and soon will reveal that they practice the same corrupt ideals of the old art world. This is the new world of Artlaws and Gatekeepers in the land of Decentralization.

This is the 21st installment of the ‘Last Confirmation’ series. A collaboration between two glitch-futurist but classically appreciative minded individuals, a Norman Harman and Robness Cyberpop. Links are below for our VR ‘Last Confirmation’ Gallery.

The Process:

The process of creating these works are usually in a three step movement. I start with the landscape background and go through hundreds of GAN generated landscapes until I feel the one that communicates to me is just right. For now I usually send Norman about 3 to choose from to increase the likelihood of a good resultant output. Norman’s forte is without a doubt, hook line and sinker glitch on the digital front, however he also has a painting background wherein both are parallel to his ultimate aesthetic vision. As a matter of fact he approached me first for a collaboration and I always loved his works from the get go so it was quite natural in development.

Phase two is Norman’s approach to the canvas. Without telling him direction or forethought he uses collage and blending techniques to insert imagery from the past into the landscape. His imagery is very consistent with pre-60’s material(from what I gather, I don’t ask much and I like it this way). The imagery to me stays a mystery with which the game begins, just how do I develop a story with this piece that aligns with cryptocurrency culture presently and at large?

Phase three, the image is sent back to me and the image becomes afresh again. I usually begin by cranking on some futurist music that has some classicism in nature, I tend to play a lot of Amon Tobin or IDM(Intelligent Dance Music) as it doesn’t interrupt my workflow. I usually stare at the image until I can extract a message out of it. From there I begin to add my own style of glitch-collage technique which I dub ‘anti-painting.’ I use it in other forms of work but essentially is taking imagery from wherever I can on the internet, taking to the Photoshop mat and click destroying it by hand piece by piece. Instead of adding I am subtracting the color. Every cut you see is done by hand and not automated. I usually hold the DEL key and click and drag a thousand times per work. My own artificial abstracts are the same but even more so.

Usually after the piece has been constructed I will finally look and see if the story with which I initially construed is still emoting itself from the piece. If not I will change it to make it more cohesive. The last phase of finishing these works has now been either to add my own animation/glitch flavor to it via Photoshop after effects to a more futurist refined element, however sometimes the piece is so commanding that animation might not apply and it stands on its own. Lastly, from there I will spend a good deal staring at the work again to develop a good title, something fun and that a lot of cryptocurrency veterans will understand or have good kick at.

Part of the ‘Last Confirmation’ Blockchain Fine Art series

Norman Harman x Robness Cyberpop

VR Gallery link:,376S