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Memories of good tunes.

At first glance it would appear my art is all over the place with no clear signature direction. This makes perfect sense however, when you explore who I am and my background. I come from a family of musicians and artists alike. I grew up traveling my whole life. Not for any other reason than restless parents. In the past when having to do interviews rather than try to explain the dynamics of my childhood I would just tell people we were in the witness protection program and always on the run 🏃‍♀️. 😝 Its easier to make people laugh than try to make them understand. Aside from living all over the United States, I also lived in Central America as a teenager. I speak Belizean creole, some Spanish and learning Korean. I have been all through Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada. I was born outside of New Orleans, lived in Seattle and Portland. I have family that hail from Cincinnati and bring the flavor. I care about nature, love all genre of art and refuse to be kept in a creative box. I will simply create what I feel in that moment, what moves me and passionate about. I hope you continue to follow and like my work.