No matter how but follow the light

Video art in mixed media including 3D render that is acompanied by an original music (by Olay).
stereo, mp4, 810 x 810 px, 30 fps


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The great journey has just begun. You feel this rush of freedom, breathing has become easier, you threw the load off your shoulders. You have found a support that has become your guide. You are no longer afraid. You know this is your way. The waves of the ocean give you their rhythm. Now they are your watch, your metronome. Follow the light!

Aleksey Yalovega, alias “Yalo” is a digital artist based Ukraine. He has classical art education and participated in a lot of exhibitions. Over many years of creative career, he worked in the genres of performance, painting, graphics, mosaics, airbrushing, installations, video art, photography. In the past few years, he has been actively developing in the field of digital and crypto art.