Emperor, Zyralynn

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All of us consume fantasy reality’s in one way or another, but how many of us create one? Malena Santos also known by her online alias Zyralynn. One such rare individual who has the capability and creativity to not just produce detailed and technically brilliant artworks. But also, the deep concepts required to make art “art”. Zyralynn’s body of work is varied but all beautifully constructed. Not afraid to push the boundaries of perception Zyralynn’s work explores in depth the sensualisation of fear.

Achieving this through humanization of the exotic, outlandish and brilliantly terrifying. Her work stamps itself into your conciseness with a haunting familiarity brought on by a high level of realism in the life forms represented. Video game concept art has had a clear impact on Zyralynn’s work, but to find some of the more predominate influences one needs only to look at her name; Zyralynn is broken down as Zyra and Lynn these two words combined show both her influences and creative endeavors. Zyra refers to her favorite character in the Online arena game League of legends. Admittedly at first a glace a strange place to draw artistic influence from. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the video game industry is home to some of the greatest unsung artists of our time. The concept artworks created for these projects are often nothing short of masterpieces, requiring the same amount of time, skill and vision as any painting. The second part “Lynn” is an expression of an alter ego that has become a staple in Zyralynn’s work. Lynn was a creation to help cope and express her somewhat more irrational side.

By projecting herself into her creation Ghost Lady – 2019 Zyralynn was able to cope with difficulties in life. Lynn appears often in her art as a way of projecting herself into the work. Examining Zyralynn’s work one will find that human faces are uncommon. This is because Zyralynn’s doesn’t want to accidentally reproduce anyone’s likeness, which is a common unintentional consequence of creating faces from one’s imagination. But Zyralynn’s work is much more than just these concepts. Growing up consuming this kind of art has created a love for perfection and beauty; something that traditional contemporary art has lost. In her work created for the Blockchain Art Exchange, she shows yet another side of her creation. Retaining the mood and detail of her work with Lynn but also exploring new concepts and techniques.

Zyralynn represents a landmark moment for the art world. For the first time since its inception digital art can be exchanged securely and retain the same status as unique physical art. How Different would contemporary art be if this technology had existed when the video game market began. Perhaps creators would retain the right to privately sell their creations?

Follow her on twitter @Zyralynn_art  Or see her create her artwork live at https://www.twitch.tv/zyralynn  …

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