Cent Space NFT

The first of its kind artist collaboration limited NFT on the Cent platform!
A sketch by yours truly, enhanced by @NeelYadav an increadably talented artist.
It represents the fast growth of the platform and many artists who congregate there together.
I hope you enjoy,

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One of my earliest cryptoart NFT pieces.
Made in collaboration with @NeelYadav with inspiration from Cent.co a great cryptoart community!
I sketched in pencil then sent it to Neel with a request for a deep space background, he nailed it perfectly!
It represents the tremendous growth on Cent both for me personally as an artist and the community as a whole.
There have been a couple editions given away in contests, one purchased, and only a couple editions left.
I hope you enjoy it!
(Its my first NFT listing on BAE, hopefully it’s all set up correctly you will own the limited edition nft, and I will make sure it gets to you!)

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I am proud to be a part of the crypto art movement!

For the majority of my life, I had dreamed of being able to share my photography and art, but a gallery always seemed out of reach. Now I’m building my own on cryptovoxels, and I’ve even sold some pieces.

Blockchain technology is what’s making it all possible! 

I plan to do all I can, for my small part, to support other artists, platforms, and projects that resonate with me.

I genuinely try create each piece of mine as valuable content, that can be enjoyed and shared.

I started my journey in photography at the age of nine years old.

My parents were both into photography, my dad even set up a darkroom in the bathroom way back in the day. My grandfather was an amateur photographer as well. (My first real 35mm camera, a Pentax spotmatic with a set of  old lenses, had been my grandpas.)

I was inspired to start my crypto art journey over on cent.co, so I wanted to make a shout out here to the amazing, and super supportive, crypto art community over there. (You know who you are!)

   I hope you enjoy my creations, peace.