I cant reset my password via email

If you are having issues with resting your password please email us on the email you signed up with. We can then give you a temp password which should be changed after login. email: [email protected]

What art comes with a token?

all artwork tagged with digital or Crypto comes with a token. If the asset is already tokenised the token will be sent to you within minutes of the sale. IF however it is a new buy or a physical work the token will need to minted first, while this shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes under normal conditions. It can take up to 2 hours if the ETH network is being slow.

for physical art this process can take longer as the token needs to be created manually

how do i become a seller?

You can email us on our office email [email protected] or fill out the application form at the become a seller link in the menu.

Not all applicants will be approved and if you wish to sell physical art or be paid in Fiat you may need to provide ID information.

I*n your submission you should be sure to include images of your work and a little about you along with your social media links

how do i know i can trust your vendors?

we take great pride in selecting only the most trust worthy individuals to sell art on our platform for digital art thanks to the use of blockchain there is no need to worry as long as your provided ETH address is correct delivery is 100%.

For physical work we ask that our sellers provide tracking information and we hold the funds until the product is delivered and signed for.

If i become a seller can i be paid in fiat?

yes however this will require fees to be taken and you may have to provide KYC information to receive the payment if it is a large one.

i cant pay for my item with ETH

if the meta mask payment tunnel fails it is most likely because you are using brave browser with shields up. Please ether lower your shields or use google chrome to interact with the payment.

We are working to fix this issue

When listing my btc price is wrong on publishing the iteam

This is a known bug. The price in the vendor section is set in USD however on some browsers  it will display a BTC symbol.  This is wrong it is allways set in USD on the seller side the site will then convert that into bct for you.

Looking at my products takes me to my account.

This can happen after website updates it is an issue more common on brave browser. It is to do with the cache you can ether clear it on brave or just use a another browser.

You dotn require meta mask or any web3 wallet to list artworks. Just to buy so if you want you can list on safari, internet explorer or any standard browser.