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How to tokenise on the BAE Important read before making your first token!

If you are an artist with the BAE we create the token for you on sale, we pay the gas and transfer it for you. However, the plan was always to have two sections our curated one where artists list that is currently launched and one that is open a free. If you choose to use the below form to create your tokens they will not show up on the BAE home site.

Instead this form gives you the freedom to create whatever token you want later we may make it possible to list your created tokens on the BAE. For now, though this will just give you access to the wider marketplaces such as spider DEX. Currently, only artists who we have on boarded can access this form. In time we are going to allow everyone access. Hopefully this wont end in disaster. Freedom to create whatever you want at any size and hosted wherever you want.

The current form requires you to do one thing that is very important if you want your tokens to work. Create a token URI DO NOT just go ahead and start inputting into the above fields, it will end in tears. Below is a step by step guide to creating a token;

Step one – making your token uri

Your token uri is what allows sites like opensea sider dex etc to see your token and its information it is a .json file and it looks like this;

{  “description”: “Friendly OpenSea Creature that enjoys long swims in the ocean.”,   “external_url”: “”,   “image”: “”,   “name”: “Dave Starbelly”,“Youtube_url” : “your-video”}

This is the example given on open seas website token uri but you can get fancy and add some parts. Have a look at this opensea page this shows you how the token uri meta data works . the above example will work just fine though as it is, a suggestion is to add your artist name and the name of the artwork to the “name “ field so people can see that you created it. The external url is what the token will link to for our tokens it will always say “view on BAE” but you can set it to link to whatever you like.

Take the above code copy it into a .txt doc or much easier a code writing app then take out the bits between the “” and past in your own urls, names etc. when adding an image it must be a public link so when you go to the page it looks something like this you see how the image is all that comes up when you follow that link? That’s what you need to do. This can be done in a few ways;

  1. You can host it on your google drive and make it a public image
  2. You Can host it on a website if you can ftp into your website this is an easy way to do this if you know what FTP even means . Im not going to explain it here. If you know you know.
  3. Use the IPFS desktop app this is by far the best way head to and install the ipfs desktop it is really easy to use.
  4. Host it on the bae if you have an artist account we don’t mind you using our site to host your images. Simply go to list a product Add media and boom it is in your library and you should be able to pull a link from it.

For the image included in the uri .json file it is best to keep it smallish 50mb max mostly because the best hosting option the ipfs isn’t super large and we don’t really want to clog up opensea with massive images. The huge image comes later.

Note if you are creating a gif token it is the same field “image”

If you would like to add a video you use the youtube_url to do so any html 5 video will work in this slot. That means no .mov only mp4 or mp3 if you want to trade music. You can also use it to connect youtube videos as the name suggests but that doesn’t look very good. Hosting your video works the same as for image. Best to still input some kind of preview into the “image” field just in case a website wont play videos yet. You can also do 3d files by adding or changing the youtube_url to this “animation_url”:”filename.glb”, Currently glb is the only supported file type for 3d files. The process  for hosting is the same as above for images.

Step two – hosting your token uri

Next you going to need to host your token uri somewhere luckily we’ve already hosting a file by now just do the same as you di for the image and grab the link(you cant host .json files on the bae so really best to use the ipfs for this). Should look like this when you follow it (not exactly it will look as you have formatted it this is a standard bae token)

Make sure your uri file is saved with the extension .json if you made it in note pad just change the .txt to .json Now you’re ready to rock.

note this whole step will be removed later and replaced with a form but it isn’t really that hard to learn just copy paste plus some hosting.

Step 3 – let’s make a token

Now we are ready to make a token the BAE form is complex but most of it is self-explanatory. A few unique things that are not.

Base price – this isn’t in use yet, but it relates to the bae auction contract it is value the artwork can never go under just set it to 0.

Price- again only matters for the bae auction contract can leave blank

Mainurl – this is one of the best parts of our tokens this is an encrypted field that only you and the person that currently holds the token can see. This is where you should input your large file link. For hosting I would suggest MEGA and inputting the link given with the encryption key as a # at the end of the url. Note not even the BAE can see this field we have no idea what it links too it is you and the token holder are the only people that will ever know. The owner of the token can update this link to whatever they want to help keep the digital art file intact.

Thumbnail url – this is a public field really not very useful for a thumbnail as the uri does that but you could put anything you want here. Notes a description whatever be aware though the more text the more expensive the token will be to create. You could also input a code for a nfc or rfid chip here if your linking to a physical artwork.

Grade- we have a grading system but haven’t released it yet here you can put the file type and px dimensions of the main url file or just leave blank.

URI- this is the most important field as far as front end display goes remember that .json link? This is where you input it.

physical – this must be set and can only be “true” or “false” don’t input anything else here or the token creation will fail, and it can’t be left blank.

Remaining prints – this is how many prints of the artwork you want people to be able to make, it will have a front-end function soon. Set as a number value.

Hit transact and boom you’ll get a metamask or trust wallet pop up confirm and it is done.

Note- we charge 0.0075 eth for the creation of our tokens and don’t support editions. The fee is to help stop spam and goes into the bae dao.

Access token data here