How to join our platform as an artist

The process to joining our elite list of artists is simple first sign up here 

Then email your a little bit about you and an example of your artwork to this email address [email protected] the approval process normally takes 1-24 hours but most of the time will be instant. You can also sign up via the little man in the tool bar and tick the apply to be a vendor. however, this sign up often has issues so best to do it via email.

Also you will get to our CEO and head curator Sascha bailey

Why join the BAE?

By joining the BAE you will not only be joining a platform for the creation and sale of digital art via the Ethereum blockchain but you will also receive the best customer service in the cryptoart industry. As well as ongoing support with site usage free press support and direct contact with an artist curator and manger with nearly a decade of experience in the art world.

We put artists first and never comprise the our values of free expression.

You will also get the highest upload limit in the industry 100mb and unlimited when working directly with the bae team, support for in real life exhibitions and if you wish free consultations with art industry experts. Finally all artists big or small will receive an artist profile written by our CEO and published on our blog with over 1,500 hits per month.

What you should expect

At the BAE we believe in doing things differently whereas the legacy art world has become a clicky nightmare. We see blockchain as an opportunity to step away from this situation and place artists as the most important aspect of art big or small they all matter.

You can be reassured that the BAE is run by people who care not people who are simply in this for the money. Our head curator has been working with artists of all sizes and has never censored anything for a collector buyer or critic, artist come first always.

The fees for using the BAE are as follows; 20% goes to the BAE 5% of which is put into our DAO pot (if your confused by this term don’t worry just email Sascha and he will explain). This means artist take home 80% of all sales buyers can pay with alot of different currency but you as an artist have two options:

  1. get paid via Paypal
  2. get paid via Etheruem and erc-20 tokens

When you sign up please provide your ETH address if that is how you would like to be paid otherwise it will be set via Paypal to your sign up address.

In simple terms you will get 80% of all sales 

Remember for any questions email [email protected]

What we expect from you

There is only three rules after you have been accepted to the BAE.

  1. don’t upload other artist’s work
  2. don’t upload anything illegal
  3.  All artwork must be one of one you can create different colour versions but they must be visibly different

If you are still unsure you can Join our mailing List to learn more