We see things as we are, Graceland London

An overall subject matter examines human consumption. Exploring scenes of how us as human beings, consume vices in life to feed our inner egos. The characters in her artwork depict the many types of emotions we feel and in turn the facades we display to the rest of the world.

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Graceland is not just the name of an artist it’s a whole world inside her artwork. The landscape of Graceland can be explored in her work while this work is only a 2D window into this vibrant and violent world. Her art pokes fun at the modern conception of what makes us human consumption, creation and excesses are commonly featured. Phrases and sayings are vital to the integrity of some of her artworks, exploring with cartoonish creations much deeper introspective ideas.

How often do you think about the way you think? The question combined with the imagery is simple yet highly effective in conveying the simple fact that we don’t even know ourselves. Perhaps the images of Graceland is the perfect take on the world, nothing is deeply serious yet at the same time it is. The façade of the world is ridiculous and strange but fail to take it seriously and things can get scary very quickly. The balance between fear and fun is a very fine one and one that Graceland’s work perfectly sits atop.

Graces work has been selling extremely well her work Mami window selling for 5.15 ETH