Soul Drops series – Drop 3/9

GIF art in mixed media. Digital painting, 3D rendering, generative techniques.

Original size 500 x 500 px


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We are drops that have fallen from the same sky, from one source. A single beginning. We have so much in common and we are so different!

Often our vision is obscured by stereotyped ideas and prejudices. They prevent us from seeing and accepting the beauty of our neighbor. Just as every drop in this series has its own image, its own mood, its own rhythm and its own beauty, so is every living creature.

Just take a closer look!


What power is hidden behind your beautiful shell? What kind of magic do you have in yourself? The manifestations of your essence can be observed forever.

Aleksey Yalovega, alias “Yalo” is a digital artist based Ukraine. He has classical art education and participated in a lot of exhibitions. Over many years of creative career, he worked in the genres of performance, painting, graphics, mosaics, airbrushing, installations, video art, photography. In the past few years, he has been actively developing in the field of digital and crypto art.