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Sometimes great things come in great quantity, today we catch up with one of the most prolific crypto artists and “the fastest gun in crypto art” Blue AKA CoyotlCompany.

Why did you get into art to start? At an early age I began my artistic training in recognized Veracruz artist from plastic, design, modelling, sculpture in the way of entering the Arts Unit of the Veracruzana University in which I was rejected twice being the reason why my creative production stops completely in 2002 until 2019 that I resume using the digital art as a creative medium Have you had formal education and why?  The artistic training ends and admission to Computer Science after Computer Systems, Pedagogy and 22 certifications in Information Technology by the Carlos Slime Foundation on its training platform What is the process of your creation?

Start with images or drawings that I process digitally until I have a satisfactory result, whether sublime or demonic, psychedelic or neon   What is the main concept of your work / who are your main artistic inspirations?

Andy Warhol is my top but Siquieros, Felgeres, Ocejo, Frida Among others the immutable quality of Blockchain art allows us to create art as a historical record of the time we live  your work presents political figures like Greta and Trump  What is your message and what do these figures mean to you? The message of climate change is recurrent, but religion and spirituality are also present as well as pop art. What does cryptographic art mean to you? An extension of my soul  I love your work that is based on Warhol and other greats. Does your work follow the steps of Warhol in the sense of the repetition of famous faces until they lose their meaning? (Or do you see it another way)

It is very similar since the face is a blank canvas that can be exalted.

Your work is undoubtedly a new genre of art within crypto art. What do you think of the term neon-pop (art)?     I love it neon pop is my current and this being the 120th day of my creative awakening. Anything you want to say to anyone thinking of entering cryptoart? The process of creating and selling are usually linked to genius creates great works and sure they will be sold. What do you want people to think when viewing your work? I would like to cause curiosity; astonishment even fear or alarm the message is varied and multilateral   Check out Blue’s store on the blockchain art exchange uk site…

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