schism [diagnostic]

grappling with the dynamics of societal rifts

[rare 1/1]


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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schism is a two piece exercise reflecting on the real and perceived causes of societal stance-taking and the associated disassociation that often causes.

the companion piece [symptomatic] is intended to express the common portrayal of why societies separate into demographics at odds with each other. this piece began as original photography of a transition between grass and asphalt. one side soft, one side hard. one natural, one artificial. one representing the stationary, one facilitating rapid movement. one finding unity in conformity, one finding unity in diversity. an understandable schism between the two. an apt metaphor to be applied to humanity, no?

[diagnostic] seeks to expose the reality of the situation and determine the legitimacy of the arguments and reasons often given. a closer look at the same but from a penetrating perspective reveals a different level of contrast. sometimes division has arisen due to entirely different causes.

the purchaser of this artwork will receive access to a higher resolution 3.4k x 3.4k png image.

me? i’m not of this world. so rare, i’m still blue and dripping. works i mint originate exclusively from my authentically genuine creative genius.