Recursive YinYang #2

Recursive Yin Yang #2 is the second animated generative art piece in a series of exclusive individual works by Miguel Lozano.


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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Chao-Chou asked, “What is the Tao?”

The master replied, “Your ordinary consciousness is the Tao.”

“How can one return into accord with it?”

“By intending to accord you immediatly deviate.”

“But without intention, how can one know the Tao?”

“The Tao,” said the master, “belongs neither to knowing nor to not knowing. Knowing is false understanding; not knowing is blind ignorance. If you really understand the Tao beyond doubt, it’s like the empty sky. Why drag in right and wrong?”

>Chuang Tzu

I’m a generative artist living in Germany studying computer science. I use programming languages as an artistic creation tool; my work is currently focused on exploring the intersection of formal and informal compositions by processing randomness with the help of statistical theory to create animated patterns from noise.