the tool created the art. now the tool is the art. [rare 1/1]


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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qwerty is a piece to commemorate the rise of so-called crypto art, where the tools used to publish the art are inherently and immortally a part of the art itself—existing as a non-fungible token on the blockchain.

the image began life as an original photograph that was creatively and meticulously manipulated with digital tools to convey the crypto art pathos faithfully yet in a way compatible with the sensibilities of those not accustomed to the in-your-face presentation heavily utilized in the genre.

it’s real, and it would look awesome in your collection. and i would appreciate your patronage too.

oh and it’s high resolution, so it will look great on your 4K screen.

me? i’m not of this world. so rare, i’m still blue and dripping. works i mint originate exclusively from my authentically genuine creative genius.