Type; JPG
Dimensions; 2500×1273
Size; 1MB


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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‘Social media have become powerful tools for propaganda as the Internet is
unprecedentedly accessible for each individual, and interactive social networking sites
provide a strong platform for debate and sharing opinions. Propaganda, in forms of a
video uploaded to YouTube, a post on Facebook or Twitter, or even a piece of comment,
has far-reaching effectiveness to disseminate certain values and beliefs.

Another element that makes social media effective for sharing propaganda is that it
can reach many people with little effort and users can filter the content to remove
content they do not want while retaining what they would like to see.

This ease of use can be used by ordinary people as well as government agencies and
politicians, who can take advantage of the platforms to spread “junk” news in favor of
their cause’.

A digital artist working from London.  Pastelcrypto is an emerging brand name in the world of cryptoart or NFTs.  Have already sold from and, have recently collaborated with other artists as well.  You can find me on social media;