PolarRise #1 Strong Blue

PolarRise #1 Strong Blue is the first piece in the second collection of ten individual works based on a digital reworking of the 3D sculptural piece Not a Toy which was first shown at NN Contemporary Art in January 2019.


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I’m a mixed media artist and first class graduate working in digital and 3D. I love the decentralised nature of the crypto sphere and the currencies related to it, and have a preference for ETH over Bitcoin on account of the Proof of Stake versus Proof of Work ethos that underpins each system. I think Tom Badley’s work with the Deplorables – relating it to printed money – stands out as an excellent fine-art approach to the genre, and I hope to find the essence of that core / relational referent in my own work as it develops. I came into the environment producing lens-based digital media enhanced and developed in Photoshop and Final Cut, but I’m now crash-coursing P5.js and Pi to see what develops over the next few months. Having been to a few ETHLondon meets already, I like the community and find it stimulating to have a foot in the NFT and Computer Art Society camps of the UK’s art and technology scene. I’d recommend it to anyone working in an art, web-tech or gaming environment – it’s a great place to develop new skills and find out about AI, VR and AR, and you get to share and sell work, which makes it even better.