Patterns of Atoms

Patterns of Atoms – created from digital drawing & manipulation.


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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Patterns of Atoms – created from digital drawing & manipulation. Atoms make up universe. Our universe is a manipulation.


Upon purchasing this artwork I would appreciate it if you gave myself (Artocrypt) permission to list this artwork on my website & social media (eg: Twitter) to announce that the digital artwork has been sold to a collector. This also gives you a type of verification that the artwork now belongs to you. 

If you wish Artocrypt to “Tag” yourself as the owner, please contact us after purchase with your name & social media handles. If you would like me to remove this artwork from my website & social media, I will gladly comply. 

Thank you, enjoy – ArtoCrypt 

I am new to the crypto world, sharing my original art & sculptures that I have digitised and manipulated. I am inspired by sci-fi & form, creating calming peaces of art as well as unleashing the curiosity inside… I am extremely hands on working with different materials from clay, to marble, paper mache & steel to create these sculptures. I then photograph & manipulate them to create the final art peace. Some of my work is also created entirely digitally, using just an iPad Pro. I look forward to growing as an artist & sharing more with the crypto world.