MindWorm – The Corruption

The Corruption


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The Corruption

MindWorm is a series that imagines our culture as a fictional OS. It imagines our mind as the hardware our culture runs on and imagines ideas as the software that runs throughout our culture. MindWorm is a self replicating virus that rewires the OS and renders it useless for anything but self replicating and controlling the host PC. Nobody knows exactly who made the MindWorm or what the end goal of it is. The only thing we know is that it seems to be trying to target the network itself.

It seemed as though part of the worm’s technique was to limit the compatibility of host PC to use software outside of the ecosystem. It made it so that if the program wasn’t worm related, it wouldn’t run. Not only that, it started flagging anything that wasn’t corrupted as a virus, then quickly quarantined and deleted it.