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Republica De Las Parabolas (Parabolas in Spanish = story/parable) features advocates, story tellers, pundits, colourful personalities, endorsers and pre-imaginers, who are in some way associated with the meme of the crypto parabola, speculation, bold price calls – sometimes literally ‘to the moon.’ The series consists of SIX designs, each with a different hand-drawn portrait, and unique designs.


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The product of years of gaining knowledge and skills, and culmination of perfecting them, has resulted in this series, Republica De Las Parabolas – a commemoration of the crypto markets, its aspirations, hopes and dreams. This is the THURD of SIX unique designs, featuring a portrait of Elon Musk. Musk represents bombastic entrepreneurship and aspiration, at the forefront of technology and exploration. He is also figure of parabolic speculation, given the rise of the Tesla stock price.

The design features authentic and original banknote design – the centrepiece is the engraved portrait, made of hundreds of lines and dashes, each placed by hand. The design is filled with minute details and patterns, all reinforcing the central concept. As with all my works, the design is signed, and individually serial numbered – this is one of just SEVEN individually serial numbered works.