The Krypto Kraken

As a artist i will be working on the tokenization of a Kraken coin in later part of 2020. I will hope to store value for the secondary market as well as a way to support ocean conservation, based off my interest in the alternative crypto culture. #artwithafunction It will hatch in May of the Bitcoin halving. I want it to be the first series of functional glass art preserved on the blockchain. The Price will be 1 Bitcoin/USD at market value on day of purchase, updated every friday.
*As of Jan 15th $8890
** Secondary picture is for reference to a standard Kraken piece.


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Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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Glass art piece based off The Kraken Series. It will be #300 of The Kraken series. #1 of 10 themes i will create based off different coins. This is of course Bitcoin. 🙂


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