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The Avatars of The Great Awakening

The Deplorables is a series of designs that honor popular figures who advocate principles of privacy, transparency, and truth. The notes are denominated in the popular cryptocurrency Ethereum and have been specially produced as NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens – digital assets on the blockchain with a prescribed scarcity. Accordingly, all characters features on the banknotes have some affinity with blockchain or cryptocurrency. A physical version of these series is in production, while the NFT artwork of this design is available on Blockchain Art Exchange, in a limited edition of just 10.
The third design in the Deplorables series, featuring Ross Ulbricht, available exclusively on the Blockchain Art Exchange.
The fifth and final note for the Deplorables series features a portrait of Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO of Twitter. While Dorsey has publicly endorsed crypoturrency, the choice to feature him was more a self-reflexive gesture, as the dissemination of our Deplorables’ views – and the series itself – is facilitated and given a platform by Twitter. Thus, he has been honored as a Deplorable! Republica de los Deplorables is a fictional country; an alternate underworld where secrets are revealed and chaos thrives. The notes heavily draw on the symbolism of the frog, associated mythology, and the frog’s incarnation as Pepe. The frog, and Pepe, are symbols of chaos, change, the underworld, and the revelation of secrets. The Venezuelan Bolivar was used as a template for the design, both as a reference to Venezuela’s intention to launch its own cryptocurrency, and as a way to reinforce the idea of a jurisdiction in disintegration.
The background features the twitter logo, and hashtags – the now universal flag that designates meaning online. The design continues to explore new intaglio engraving techniques. The physical version of this note will be printed on authentic banknote paper and will include multiple security features, making it extremely difficult to replicate. To be put on the waiting list and register your interest, email [email protected] Or contact on Telegram, here.

“I was head-hunted by one of the world’s largest printers of banknotes, creating designs for central banks and other financial institutions. After learning the trade secrets of banknote production, I gained practical experience in every print process associated with the production of money.

The Banknote is the Alpha and Omega of art: it is pattern, typography, portraiture, drawing. It is lithography, silkscreen, intaglio, letterpress. A banknote is the touchstone of culture, the window into worlds, a monument, memorial, and memory. Banknotes are mass-produced, yet personal. Identical, yet crafted.

I use banknote design to express my ideas, and contribute to the future of finance, through fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency collaborations.

I come from a fine art background, based on technique and craft. I reject lazy conceptualism, and make craft the basis of everything I do. I studied Fine Art at Leeds College, the Slade School of Fine Art, (London), and the Cooper Union School in New York. My work has been shown with Phyllida Barlow at the Serpentine, The Mall Galleries, Tenderpixel London and Rokeby Gallery.”