I saw a cave, then a futuristic city, then an alien planet, then a river of ice, and finally, a dock. – Kudzu


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The Narrative: About the source of changes and the implications of any kind of war or fighting, internally, on an intimate personal level therefore spilling over on to humanity’s history. These fights are all from human’s primal desire to consume and control. Guess what? Loving service for others is the fucking answer. Cannot and should not use to harm or cause any pain to others for your own sake, else it will return to you a hundred times stronger, means more internal pain and suffering. If you really have to and you feel you cannot control that urge, then just be aware and be prepared to pay for it. No rest for the wicked. I guess. Keep at heart that the human mind always doing mental gymnastics to justify own perspectives and that we as a species are emotional beings, literally ready to die to defend those beliefs. Your mind is literally trying to kill you. *SFX promoted by NCC – https://youtu.be/D-XJgW7gkiM

Maria Mohini Dublin Ochangco
Born: May 8, 1981
Location: Manila, Philippines

Links to my blood, sweat, laughter, and tears (just means my cv/portfolio links ehehe)

Cent: @mohini

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