life on the blockchain

[rare 1/1]


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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ethereal_permanence is an homage to Ξthereum and the intricacies of living life and selling art on the blockchain. from billions in dollars of non-fiat financial transactions and pyramid schemes to taped bananas and trashcans being minted as non-fungible tokens by counterfeit scam artists paying high gas fees—it’s all faithfully processed block by block to be remembered until the end of the interwebs.

this digital artwork is all original hand-drawn and custom manipulated by the artist.

this is pure high resolution magic, available as a 3k x 4k png to the purchaser.

me? i’m not of this world. so rare, i’m still blue and dripping. works i mint originate exclusively from my authentically genuine creative genius.