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The Shadow draws in motion on Deleuzian Sheets of the Past.


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The Shadow of a Jug draws in motion. Abstracted movements create a moving painting. Concepts and Inspiration: think Bergson durée or Deleuze: sheets of the past, hors-champ/repetition/time-image/crystalline structures/décadrage crossed with Brakhage’s poetical sensibility. Info on edition: ‘My ever-increasing archive facilitates re-appropriation internally; audio visual is subject to frequent reconstitution into different works. I refer to these reedits as ‘circuits – C’, which can be considered analogous to echoes within experiences of time and memory.’ Detailed Info: The photographic elements of moving image are dominant in my work -there are layered realities within the landscapes of décadrage [deframing] both visually and aurally. Compositional instants trace the historical presence of cinematic pasts. Gilles Deleuze’s philosophies on time and cinema, for example, the idea of ‘hors-champ’ [out of field/sight] and time images (l’ image-mouvement/l’image-temps) are counterpointed with a poetics sensibility where the rhythmic elements vibrate in gentle collisions of stillness within motion. Space and time are divided in the crossing of the threshold of the screen and the liquidity between the still and moving.

Debzoid is Irish Anglo

with a Masters degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art

‘My artworks are to be considered a form of painting but using duration to make marks, shapes and colours advancing the form of abstract art but within a moving image context.’