something new has exploded onto the grid

[rare 1/1]


Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

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disruption is a visual metaphor. an anomaly has appeared on the scene, the impact of which threatens to change everything. some strive to disrupt whatever they can. others dedicate themselves to protecting the status quo. the collision of the two purposes within the same arena is always a captivating phenomena to observe.

this piece is the result of a long series of digital manipulation steps. by the end of the creative process, i truly couldn’t remember which original photograph i had begun with. somewhere along the line, the concept took on a life of it’s own and engaged me fully, driving me forward.

this is a high resolution 3k x 4k image. the owner will be able to appreciate it in it’s full glory.

me? i’m not of this world. so rare, i’m still blue and dripping. works i mint originate exclusively from my authentically genuine creative genius.