Decorative painting on the wall “Bitcoin” by ✂️HandMade✂️©5Ksana

“Bitcoin” by ✂️HandMade✂️©5Ksana

$260.00 $249.00

Unique Digital Artwork

Minted on Ethereum

Ships From: Belarus

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Artist: 5Ksana ( INSTAGRAM @5ksana_handmade )

Condition: MINT
100% HandMade

Technique: string art.

Material: natural wood (aspen), threads, decorative nails.

Size: height 25 cm, width 20 cm, thickness 3.5 cm.

Weight: 570 g.


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CryptoArt&HandMade Artist


My name is Aksana (5Ksana) and I am a professional master of creating jewelry, elements of decor, production of clothes in individual orders in different techniques and much more. I try that my works were beautiful and touched hearts of people what they would be wanted to be repeated or got for themselves, for decoration of the apartment, for the beloved kids, etc. I have a degree in “Design” .In this area I am working more than 15 years.


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