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Blockchained Pando – Video/Music Art

Since 10 I have created art and music through everything I see around me. Mediums, instruments, vocals, creativity can be found in every aspect of life.

Bright and vivid video artwork with music and meaning all in one package

Tom Badley – Las Parabolas

Tom Badley returns with a new collection of NFT Banknotes inspired by faces of Crypto that truly represent the movement. This collection is serial numbered so each work is totally unique. the work can be seen on the left and ranges from 250 – 490 USD

Republica De Las Parabolas (Parabolas in Spanish = story/parable) features advocates, story tellers, pundits, colourful personalities, endorsers and pre-imaginers, who are in some way associated with the meme of the crypto parabola, speculation, bold price calls – sometimes literally ‘to the moon.’ The series consists of SIX designs, each with a different hand-drawn portrait, and unique designs.

Dark arts – Zyralynn, Graceland and Minju

Collection from three extremely talented Creators All with unique styles but with a fascination in the dark and exotic parts of the human mind and soul. All masters of their respective crafts these three female creators breath life into worlds and forms far beyond the normal imagination. Truly exploring the darker side of art.